Ayat-Ayat Cinta  

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I recently just downloaded a great Islamic movie entitled Ayat-Ayat Cinta. This movie is adapted from the novel written by Habiburrahman El Shirazy.
Thanks to
Musafir. for introducing this great movie in his blog. I got attracted after reading his post
I watched this touching movie and almost cried throughout the movie! Each scene is just so touching. The women in purdah is so beautiful especially her sharp shiny eyes! T__T The story is mainly about love and how it is emboldened with religion, which is
There are many sad parts which actually made me almost cried. I could feel the sorrow and hatred when the Aisha (the girl in purdah) cries. She gives this impression like you’d give anything to stop her crying! Sobs!
She cries when she gets to know her lovely husband is imprisioned. It makes me wonder how strong would my future wife’s love would be when I’m having the same problem too?
The way she cares her husband is so admiring. My heart hurts so deeply if she cries. Something is weird. Why? Look at the poster. Her face looks a bit pale though. She looks way sweeter in the movie. Trust me.
FYR, Aisha Humairah is my favourite girl name The name just suits her character and appearance. Just like the Prophet’s wife. I like the part where Aisha and Fahri argue wih some narrow minded bigoted Muslims.
This incident takes place in a train whereby Aisha insists to give seats to the American passengers but was offended by the bigoted Muslims.
Fahri is also supporting Aisha but the bigoted guy just doesn’t listen. So he quotes a dalil from
Rasulullah by proclaiming:
Prophet Muhammad said : “One who hurts a non-Muslim (Dhimmi), he hurts me; and one who hurts me, hurts Allah” (al-Tabarani).
This dalil greatly emphasizes that Islam treats everyone equally despite if he/she is not a Muslim. I was greatly inspired when I heard those golden words coming out from him. Basically that begoted guy was quite pissed.
Fahri is very disciplined and dedicated by nature. He pictures an excellent Muslim attitude towards others especially towards non-Muslim. He has great and profound love not only to his religion but also to his wives and friends.
The ending is the saddest part. Well, no spoiler right? Haha, who cares. You can’t stop me from blurting can’t you? Hehe. Okay, it’s like this; the newly converted Christian, Maria, dies in her prayers.. her first lesson as a Muslimah after marrying Fahri. It’s very touching to see Fahri embraces Aisha tightly with both crying T__T
The movie ends with Fahri and Aisha living and loving happily ever after. *Cries*
Ayat Ayat Cinta is a beautifully portrayed Islamic love story – a tale of a virtuous Muslim protagonist who overcomes all obstacles of life maintaining pure ideals.
Fahri bin Abdillah is a poor, intelligent student who wins a scholarship to complete his graduate degree at Egypt’s esteemed Al Azhar University. Very disciplined and dedicated by nature, Fahri embraces his life in Cairo, completing his studies and translation of religious books with full enthusiasm, exactly according to pre-determined targets.
Only one goal is left unattempted: the pursuit of marriage.
For Fahri is innocent and pure, and doesn’t believe in the concept of relationships prior to marriage. He is inarticulate and shy around women. All his life, only two women have been close to him – his mother and grandmother.
Life changes drastically in Egypt for he suddenly finds himself surrounded by four beautiful, distinctly different women.
Maria Girgis, a shy, open-minded Coptic-Christian neighbor who is attracted to the teachings of the Holy Al Quran, finds herself falling in love with Fahri (a fact she only reveals to her diary).
Nurul, a student at Al Azhar like Fahri, is the Muslim daughter of a renowned Indonesian cleric. Fahri feels unworthy of her and thus ignores his feelings for her, leaving her confused and guessing.
Noura, an abused Egyptian neighbor, develops strong romantic feelings for Fahri, who in turn simply sympathizes with her situation. His romantic rejection destroys her and eventually leads to a false accusation of rape.
Aisha, a German Turkish student in Cairo haunts Fahri with her beautiful eyes. Following an incident on the metro where Fahri defends her against narrow minded bigoted Muslims, both immediately develop feelings for each other.
As the story unravels, the protagonist makes the audience face the daunting decisions he himself faces, and forces us to marvel at his undying loyalty to the true ideals of Islam as he ultimately makes the choice of a lifetime.


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Ubat Denggi?  

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Ubat denggi?Denggi xder ubat la...aritu aku kene
denggi,platlet jatuh sket la..pastu aku pun mintak masuk hospital.tp platlet xnaik2 gak walau masuk air.
Fikir punya fikir...aku pun minum 100 plus 4 botol,aku minum siang.Pastu malam cek darah platlet aku naik mendadak.
100 Plus tu memang sangat bagus diamalkan untk mengurangkan suhu badan bagi pengidap denggi sebab kadar penghidratan dia lebih cepat daripada air kosong biasa. Tapi, memang pesakit akan rasa berpeluh & nak buang air je....
Paling cepat untuk menaikkan platelet darah ialah sup ketam selain air kiwi (saranan memang 100 Plus tapi diorang biasa tak tahan kerana dah la makan tak lalu, perut kosong,sebu, kena lak 100 Plus tu yg payau jek
tekak..)100 Plus dicadangkan dibuka sejam penutup botol sebelum jadikan minuman, biar gas
hilang.Tak pun campur separuh2 ngn air masak.
Tapi sup ketam memang paling cepat naik..
sekali dengan air kiwi.. try la..
Satu lagi...lupa nak bagitau..aku minum air halia atau ENO Halia xnak bg muntah.Menjadi jugak la....

Buat duit dengan blog  

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Ok,dah tau apa itu blog.Kita buat duit melalui blog plk.

1. Jika tidak keberatan anda boleh menulis review / pandangan mengenai product, services atau lain-lain opportunities mengikut keperluan pihak PayPerPost.Com yang mana mereka akan membayar setiap review atau posting yang telah buat di blog anda.

2. Cara lain yang juga dapat mendatangkan duit yg banyak melalui blog ialah dengan Google Adsense . Ramai di antara rakan-rakan saya di Malaysia mahupun seluruh dunia telah berjaya generate income dengan Adsense ini. Paling mudah untuk dapatkan akaun Google Adsense ini ialah create blog di www.blogger.com dan mempunyai niche yang tersendiri dalam bahasa Inggeris. Dengan setiap klik daripada pengunjung blog anda di banner adsense akan memberi pulangan yang menguntungkan. Yang pastinya anda kene jujur buat adsense ini, jgn terlalu 'pandai' buat click fraud kerana google lebih bijak tentang sistemnya berbanding anda.

3. Buat affiliate program bagi menjana income tambahan. Ia cukup mudah kerana affiliate program anda cuma mempromosikan link produk/servis vendor yang telah mereka sediakan. Tentang soal proses pembelian, penghantaran dan lain-lain isu tidak perlu risau kerana ia adalah kerja vendor/penyedia affiliate program. Kita cuma pastikan link affiliate itu dipromosi sehabis baik untuk mendapatkan komisyen yang ditawarkan. Contoh program affiliate yang menarik seperti AdikBijak.Com , MasKahwin.Com , IdeaBisnesLuarBiasa dan banyak lagi.

4. Jual iklan banner atau text link di blog anda. Sekiranya web anda mempunyai hits atau traffic tinggi bolehlah ambil peluang untuk menjual ruang iklan di tepi atau memana bahagian blog anda. Mungkin jual link atau iklan untuk disewa selama seminggu, bulanan mahupun tahunan. Bergantung kepada kapasiti traffik anda, lagi banyak hits lagi tinggilah harga banner iklan anda. Contoh paling mudah ialah seperti iklan di web utusan.com.my atau bharian.com.my yang sememangnya harga dia cukup tinggi berdasarkan hits traffik yang banyak setiap hari.

5. Jual produk sendiri.. cara ini mungkin boleh direalisasikan sekiranya anda ada produk atau servis sendiri. Misalnya anda jual buku novel second hand dengan membuat beberapa sinopsis dan review novel yang anda telah baca serta menjualnya dengan separuh harga daripada harga asal ataupun mengikut pertimbangan yang lebih sesuai. Apa jua produk mahupun servis boleh dijual melalui blog mengikut kategori tertentu. Ia terpulang kepada daya kreativiti anda.

Dah dapat ilmu ni..Pandai pandai la terima kasih kat aku.Buat la apa yana patut kat blog aku ni.

What is a Blog?  

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So what is a Blog anyway? I am asked every week via emails, conversation and

Instant Messaging chats to define: ‘what is a blog’. If you’re reading this you may well be asking the same question.

For me a blog is a website in which items are posted on a regular basis and displayed in reverse chronological order. The term blog is a shortened form of weblog or web log. Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding an article to an existing blog is called “blogging”. Individual articles on a blog are called “blog posts,” “posts” or “entries”. A person who posts these entries is called a “blogger”. A blog comprises text, hypertext, images, and links (to other web pages and to video, audio and other files). Blogs use a conversational style of documentation. Often blogs focus on a particular “area of interest”, such as political ,sports, entertainment. Some blogs discuss personal (luah perasaan la,macam2 la.).

DeCYpHeRiNg Blog's  

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What is blog?
So,why i`m blogging?